The Boardroom Simulation – Developing Board-ready Talent

Corporate Boardrooms today have to manoeuvre a multitude of commercial (and increasingly in some industries environmental and social) complexities. Maintaining corporate governance whilst abreast of the latest business challenges and strategies to overcome them is a tall order. Best in class boardrooms require a pipeline of the best, most diverse talent, which can, at the same time, deliver in the most challenging of environments.

The Boardroom Simulation Events are a series of targeted events to provide Chairmen of companies looking to engage a diverse board the opportunity to engage and be exposed to the Middle East’s most ambitious, dynamic directors and aspiring directors. By the same token, they offer aspiring Boardroom professionals unparalleled exposure to the sharpest business minds in the GCC, whilst offering a unique learning experience.

Hawkamah has partnered with Aquitude to deliver the Boardroom Simulation series in their quest to support the development of top talent to ensure the region’s success through better Corporate Governance through diverse boards.

Why should you be part of the Boardroom Simulation Initiative?

For Chairmen, Boardroom Executives and Headhunters

Boards are in charge of steering companies and guiding management. The board’s responsibilities revolve around supporting and overseeing the organisation‘s performance. It is imperative for companies to have the most effective and efficient Board room, with members having the diversity of skills that will drive the company’s competitiveness, as well as highly experienced in effective decision-making. As regional companies grow and expand, the diversity of talent and skills in the board room will be key to success. Your involvement in the Boardroom Simulation initiatives will foster your access to the cream of the crop.

The Boardroom simulations are your route to:

  • Get exposure to new, highly-skilled talent
  • Obtain insight on some of the latest business practices and ideas for resolving real-life issues faced by regional boards
  • Foster growth of the most highly-skilled professionals in the GCC

For Boardroom Aspirants

As a professional with Boardroom aspirations, you need to ensure that your skill-set is fine-tuned to Boardroom requirements. Through specially-designed Boardroom simulations, you will be exposed to the kinds of issues and dynamic tensions faced by regional boards whilst obtaining first-hand feedback from the GCC’s most illustrious businessmen and women.

The Boardroom Simulations are your route for:

  • Exposure to the GCC’s Chairmen and Board-level professionals
  • Fine-tuning your Board readiness through direct feedback from the GCC’s top business executives serving in local and international Boardrooms
  • Cutting edge learning through hands – on, personal experience in managing the most challenging decision-making framework – the Boardroom.

Delegate participation costs: $500US/ session

Upcoming session:

March 13, 2017
Hawkamah Offices

Dubai International Financial Center
The Gate Building, Room TBC

Timing 5:00 – 8:00 pm (GMT+4)

For participation or sponsorship:

Registration: Click here to register for event

T: +971 4 3622551


  • The Director Development Program is great way to gain insight and improved understanding in areas such as corporate governance and board functionality. I would highly recommend the program as a foundational step before they begin their board experience.

    Bindu Ann Joseph - Chief Operating Officer - 3W Networks
  • Director Development Program was invaluable learning experience for me which has elevated my knowledge and broaden my understanding mainly on the corporate governance practices and board of directors role. It has addressed the main concepts from theoretical and practical perspectives. The material is comprehensive and provides the key information of the different aspects of the course. I strongly recommend the program for individuals who play role in corporate governance and seek to enrich their knowledge of companies’ board of directors.

    Sumaya Alshaer - Acting Head of Strategy & Corporate Governance - DUBAI SOUTH
  • The Director Development Program is being run with an effective balance between theory presented by knowledgeable staff and interactive discussions among the participants. This makes it into a recommendable program for aspiring and existing Board Members alike to get up to date on Corporate Governance as relevant for our GCC Region.

    Johan H. Brand – Owner – Johan Brand Leadership Advisory DWC – LLC
  • My favorite part of the DDP program is that it teaches you more than academics. It gives you insights on the skills you need as a board member.

    Noora Mahfouth A Mohd Alshehhi - Manager- Contract Review Audit - Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
  • The program was a great opportunity for me to learn about best practices of governance and board dynamics both globally and locally. Having diverse and experienced colleagues brought new and different   perspectives that added value.

    Majid Al Mail - Senior Manager & Head of INNOVATOR Program - Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC)
  • Building corporate governance capability is vital for board members, and eventually can help create financially healthier businesses, and more sustainable over the long term. I encourage all seniors to look beyond traditional forms of governance and explore new techniques and patterns that “Hawkamah” has tailored for its unique associates. PDD program has given us the horizon to use these tools on real business cases and prepare us to set in board meetings with self-confidence and sensibility.

    Ekram Al-Yacoub - Saudi Business Analyst and Columnist
  • The DDP course striked the right balances between academic governance literature, class discussion, and trainer background. This was a great course to get more depth in governance with discussions on regional case studies drawn from Hawkamah, class Trainers, or Participants.

    Jasem Alawadhi - Manager CTO - Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • The Directorship Development Program (DDP) provides a structured overview of the skills and responsibilities required by the board member.  The material is interesting and comprehensive in nature, yet practical and immediately implementable.  The instructors add practical insight into the topics, and the diversity of the attendance provides multiple viewpoints.  This program is highly recommended for individuals looking for a structured framework to develop skills instrumental for serving boards.

    Nathalie Sfeir Bsaibes - Legal Consultant - MEG Legal Services
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Mudara’s Director Development Programme and found it to be very beneficial. The content was both well-structured and comprehensive, providing us with an in depth view of global best practices and arming us with the necessary skills to effectively disburse our duties. I highly recommend it for all current and aspiring board members.

    Omar Al Shunnar - Chief Executive Officer - Majid Al Futtaim Healthcar
  • An excellent course, and highly recommended for all Board Members.

    Abdulqader Obaid Ali, Director

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