Ethics & Corporate Governance
Ethics & Corporate Governance
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Hawkamah the Institute for Corporate Governance and the Securities & Investment Institute (SII), hosted a seminar on “Integrity at Work in Financial Services” on June 9, 2008 at the DIFC. The seminar provided a comprehensive guide to the importance of integrity at work and explained the connection between Corporate Governance and ethics to brokers working in the financial industry. The Seminar was attended by Bankers, DIFC Registered Companies, Brokers and financial service Industry experts. The speakers included Abdulla Al Awar, MD, DIFC, Dr Nasser Saidi, Executive Director Hawkamah, Simon Culhane Chief Executive SII and Nazem Al Kudsi, Chief Investment Officer NBAD.

The participants of the Seminar were invited to sign off on the SII and Hawkamah Code of Conduct. This gesture would be a declaration of the signatories commitment towards maintaining highest standards of Integrity and abiding by the Code of Conduct in their professional work.

Hawkamah Code of Conduct (Arabic)

Hawkamah Code of Conduct (English)

Procedure for Signing Up to the SII and Hawkamah Code of Conduct:

Download and print the SII and Hawkamah Code of Conduct (available in English and Arabic) The Chairman, CEO, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer of the Company can sign off on the Code of Conduct, on behalf of the Company, stating their contact details. Professionals can sign off on the Code of Conduct in their individual capacity stating their contact details along with name of the organization or Professional Institute with which they are affiliated with After signing off, send scan signed copy and email to

OR Post signed hard copy to :

Hawkamah, the Institute of Corporate Governance
Level 14, The Gate Building, DIFC,
P.O BOX 74777, Dubai
Hawkamah will follow up with the signatories for confirmation
Upon verification, name will be posted on “Code of Conduct Register”
Signatories to mention adoption of the SII and Hawkamah Code of Conduct in their Annual Report


Signatories to the Hawkamah – CISI Code of Conduct shall indemnify and hold Hawkamah, CISI or their affiliates harmless against any claims or damages suffered or incurred by the signatories or any third party based upon, arising from or due to any representation or statements made on this website or as result of signing this Code of Conduct. The signatories, whether individuals or corporations, hereby permit Hawkamah to publish their names on this website; Hawkamah shall not be held liable for any damages or claims incurred. Listing of signatories on the Code of Conduct Register does not in any way imply approval, endorsement, warranty, certification or recommendation or engage responsibility by Hawkamah. Hawkamah encourages both individuals and corporations to sign and abide by the voluntary code of conduct. Hawkamah disclaims any responsibility associated with any noncompliance with the voluntary code of conduct by the signatories.


  • I want to thank  Hawkamah team for the rich and useful Board Secretaries workshop. The speakers were amazing and very experienced

    Sandra Corm - Group Company Secretary - Mohamed & Obaid Almulla

  • ‘’There was no doubt that once we communicate with Hawkamah for a workshop, we were sure that we will achieve our goals and get an added value. And thats what happened; we got a lot of positive feedback from participants which confirms the success of the company secretary 2 days workshop which took place in Manama – Bahrain as well as the fruitful feedback on the knowledgeable and insightful trainers and experts. We would be more than happy to have such cooperations in the future since we consider Hawkamah our patterner in success’’

    Faisal Al-Modlij - GM, Corporate Affairs and Governance - Sipchem KSA

  • "We extend our thanks and appreciation to Hawkamah institute for its cooperation and the effectiveness of the Director Development Program"

    Saeed Al Kaabi - Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Controlling Centre(ADMCC)

  • "The Director Development Program was very rich in useful information and added a lot to us, and the trainers’ experience, skills and capabilities had positive impact on delivering the information to us in a direct and clear manner"

    Hamad Al - Tamimi - Osool Asset Management

  • The corporate Governance in all type of entities adds morality and ensures implementation of the best practices to fulfill the responsibilities of those entities and to ensure the rights of all parties involved, especially those who have no authority to participate in the decision-making cycle.

    Hawkamah institute contributed to enrich the knowledge of these responsibilities and the role of governance for the success of institutional work in accordance with principles that establish values and ethics.

    Ajman Municipality

  • '‘Excellent, well delivered, informative program presented by well-seasoned trainers. The training program has helped transform and empower the Board’s vision and focus our minds on the relevant issues at hand. We sincerely thank you for the training sessions which helped broaden our perspective and decision making processes. We strongly recommend this training to elevate directors to the next level".

    Bank of Maldives

  • "I would like to thank Hawkamah for the ESG Reporting training , I found the two days ESG Reporting training very informative and helpful and I have definitely received some tools that I will use in my work"

    Rania Zaatari - Head of Makassed Communal Healthcare Bureau

  • "The DDP provides a solid foundation of corporate governance for existing and aspiring directors."

    David Haglund - Senior Executive Director and Portfolio Manager of the Templeton Frontier and MENA Market strategies

  • “Thank you so much for sharing such insightful webinar. It was great and valuable to all participate”

    Shady Rashed - Senior Economic Researcher at The Ministry of International Cooperation of Egypt

  • “Good session and very well organized on the webinar about How to buffer and lessen the impact of the novel Covid – 19, to maintain business sustainability with Hawkamah - AUB / Makhzoumi” 

    Bilal Hamade - Executive Advisor

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