Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance
Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance, constitutes a groundbreaking development for institution building, corporate sector reform, good governance, financial market development, investment and growth in the region. Hawkamah was created for the region, by the region, and of the region to advance corporate governance reform.

What is Corporate Governance?

  07 July 2013
  National Bank of Abu Dhabi recognized for Corporate Governance Leadership
  24 April 2013
  Arab Banks Continue Their Journey Towards Corporate Governance Excellence
  18 February 2013
  DIFC Authority Appoints Hawkamah Board
  31 December 2012
  2012 Mudara Accredited Directors Announced
  11 December 2012
  Annual Rebalance of the S&P/Hawkamah ESG Pan Arab Index announced
  05 December 2012
  Hawkamah Explores Legal, Financial and Policy Impact of Insolvency and Restructuring in the Region at the 2nd Judicial and Financial Colloquium
  17 October 2012
  Bank of Sharjah Group Staying on Top of Corporate Governance Developments
  02 October 2012
  MENA Private Equity Association and Hawkamah Focus on Advancing Corporate Governance in the Private Equity Sector
  01 October 2012
  Effective Boards Require Directors Knowing Their Duties and Liabilities Mudara Institute of Directors Offers its Flagship Programme in Amman
  18 June 2012
  Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) and Bank Muscat Jointly Win the Hawkamah Bank Corporate Governance Awards 2012
  07 May 2012
  Jeddah Business Leaders Focus on Building More Effective Boards
  20 February 2012
  Risk is on the Corporate Governance Agenda
  04 January 2012
  S&P Hawkamah ESG Pan Arab Index Undergoes First Rebalancing Since Launch
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  13 December 2011
  Hawkamah Organizes the First MENA Judicial Colloquium on Insolvency and Restructuring
  06 November 2011
  Enterprises Urged to Opt for Changes in Small Doses
  01 November 2011
  Mudara IoD Announces its first 7 certified independent directors at the Hawkamah OECD 6th Annual Conference
  01 November 2011
  Final Conference Statement
  30 October 2011
  03 October 2011
  Corporate Governance Actions Will Highlight Upcoming Hawkamah-OECD Annual Conference
  15 August 2011
  Hawkamah/Mudara and ICLIF Launch Bank and Insurance Board Governance Programmes
  09 August 2011
  Dr. Nasser Saidi Appointed to Global Corporate Governance Forum Advisory Body
  07 August 2011
  Dubai SME and Hawkamah tie up to Develop a Code on Corporate Governance for Small & Medium Enterprises
  27 July 2011
  Cass Business School and Hawkamah Partner to Raise Regional Corporate Governance Standards
  24 July 2011
  Advocating Gender Diversity in the Boardroom as a Key to Better Corporate Governance
  11 July 2011
  Hawkamah/Mudara and ICSA Inks Partnership to Advance Board Secretary Role
  08 June 2011
  Hawkamah Issues Policy Brief On Corporate Governance for Islamic Banks And Financial Institutions
  01 May 2011
  Improving Governance in Dubai's Real Estate Industry
  21 February 2011
  Hawkamah and the International Centre for Financial Regulation join hands to advance on corporate governance and financial regulation in the Middle East and North Africa region
  01 February 2011
  S&P, Hawkamah, IFC Launch First ESG Index for Middle East and North African Equity Markets
  28 January 2014
  Hawkamah Company Secretary Workshop
Dubai, UAE

  24 February 2014
  Introduction to Islamic Finance
Dubai, UAE
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  25 - 26 February 2014
  Islamic Finance Workshop: Asset, Liability and Risk Management in Islamic Banks
Dubai, UAE

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  18 - 19 March 2014
  MENA Judicial And Financial Colloquium
Dubai, UAE

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  Hawkamah Highlights
  Hawkamah-IMF Forum White Paper Series - "Recent Developments in Auditing: The Importance of Audit Quality and Auditor Reporting"
  Diversity and the Boardroom: The Case for Women in Regional (UAE) Boards
  A Brave New World for Sovereign Wealth Funds
  Draft Code of Corporate Governance for Developers(Arabic - English)
  Harnessing Green Sukuk for sustainable development in MENA
  Sounding the Alarm in the Gulf
  Policy Brief on Corporate Governance for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions in the MENA region (English - Arabic)
  AUB - Rami Fouad Makhzoumi Chair in Corporate Governance - Call for Nomination
  Govern Well or Burn in the Arab Firestorm! ( English - Arab)
  Corporate Governance In The GCC: What Has Been Done & What Remains
  The Corporate Governance Code for Small and Medium Enterprises
  The Arab Spring
  The State of Islamic Finance and Prospects for the Future (Arabic - English)
  "Quest for Transparency"
Special Report _ Corporate Governance : Towards reforms and transparency in the Middle East.
  The Hawkamah - UAB 2010 Bank Corporate Governance Award
  Communiqué on Insolvency and Creditor Debtor Rights Systems Reform in MENA (Arabic - English)
  Hawkamah - BASIC Evolution
  Hawkamah - Back to BASICs
  Power matters: A survey of GCC boards 2008
  Corporate Governance Survey 2008
  DOHA Declaration 2008
  Hawkamah Insurance Policy Brief
  Hawkamah Declaration on Insolvency - Arabic - English
  Study on Insolvency Systems in the Middle East and North Africa
  Policy Brief on Improving Corporate Governance of Banks in the Middle East and North Africa (Arabic - English)
  Zawya - Hawkamah Collaborative Sukuk Report
  Can the Gulf embrace sound corporate governance? (an article from the Economist with references to Hawkamah's research)
  ESG Index