IMF Round Table

Hawkamah nurtures an ongoing relationship with central banks regionally and internationally, recognising the important role that central banks play in corporate governance.

In partnership with the International Monetary Fund, Hawkamah organises roundtables for central bank regulators focusing on corporate governance of the banking sector. These forums have evolved to be called the Central Bank Governance Forum series.

Some of the themes explored in previous roundtables included:

- Risk Management and External Audit Oversight (2013)

- Audit Oversight and Assurance Mechanisms (2014)

- Governance Bodies and Enabling Mechanisms (2016)

- Board, Management, Risk and Internal Audit Roles (2018)

- Board Oversight, Internal Audit Functions, Financial Risk and Data Innovations (2019)

- Central Bank Autonomy, Financial Risk Management, Board Oversight and Technology Innovations (2020)