Specialised Programmes

Since 2006, Hawkamah has been keen to develop and deliver programs that serve its members, partners, and the governance community at large. Such programs aim to fulfil the need of the governance practitioners in the region and elsewhere.


Beyond the 4 parts of the Directors Development Program, Hawkamah delivers a number of specialised programs that are based on market needs. The specialised programs enable the broadening of knowledge to serve governance practitioners and aid in the effective fulfilment of the requirements of participants.

Hawkamah’s specialised programs comprise a body of knowledge, methods and best practices that are the hallmark of the profession. They enhance the knowledge of governance in a practical way to help people and organisations to build strong and sound governance structures and practices. We deliver the specialised courses both in English and Arabic. Some of the examples include, but are not limited to, the below courses:

  • Essentials of Corporate Governance
  • Finance for Non-Financial Decision-Makers
  • Information Technology Governance Audit
  • Risk Governance
  • Auditing Risk Management
  • Policy Development
  • Virtual Meetings of Boards, Committees and Task Forces
  • Aligning Directors with Shareholders
  • Reviewing the Methodology and Key Content of Report Writing
  • Board Agenda Development
  • The Changing Board Pack
  • Sustainability CR & Sustainability Reporting