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Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance

Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance, constitutes a groundbreaking development for institution building, corporate sector reform, good governance, financial market development, investment and growth in the region. Hawkamah was created for the region, by the region, and of the region to advance corporate governance reform.

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Hawkamah launches new Survey on Women on Boards in the GCC 2016. Your feedback is valuable, please participate in this survey. Click here to participate on or before 31st August 2016.

Women Directors Program

Hawkamah strongly believes that companies can use regional women leaders to enhance board room diversity and to introduce more independent thinking in the region’s board rooms.

Women Directors Program is therefore an initiative designed to broaden the cadre of independent directors serving the region’s boardrooms by targeting women entrepreneurs, business and political leaders and academics to serve as directors.

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The Director Development Programme course consists of 4 parts, 2-day Workshops with online Mudara IOD tests at the end of each workshop. Attendees who pass all the four parts of Mudara IOD examination will receive the ‘Professional Directorship Certificate’ from the institute.


International CG Study Tour

  • Hawkamah organizes one study tour every year to visit one or more of the markets known for their good governance practices. Participants get the chance to meet board members, top executives, and corporate governance experts of very prestigious organizations.

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Hawkamah 10th Annual Conference

Corporate Culture: The Secret Ingredient

Armani Hotel – Dubai, UAE, 8th November 2016

Corporate culture could be defined as the set of values that influence decision making and behavior at all levels of the organization. Corporate culture is what makes the organization unique and stand-out among its peers. A flawed culture has emerged as a root cause of many of recent financial scandals. This has attracted the attention of regulators and governance experts. Instead of looking just at specific governance structures, laws and regulations, regulators are starting to look at culture. This will also be the main focus of Hawkamah’s annual conference this year.

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  • "The Director Development Programme (DDP) is a well-constructed program that helps improve the understanding of corporate governance and board directors. It not only offers an opportunity to develop competencies directors require to implement responsible corporate governance practices but also share your individual experiences and build networks with peers. A fantastic program, I highly recommend this programme to all aspiring directors and those on various boards. The program sessions are guided by a highly experienced faculty and the support staff is

    Michael Mascarenhas

  • The Women Directors Program comes at the right time as we see a rise in the representation of women on Boards. I am delighted to have been one of the first participants of the programme.

    Fahima Al Bastaki

  • Woman Directors Program is one of a kind program that really enhanced my skills and knowledge on governance and Board of directors.  

    Manal Al Jasmi

  • The Women Directors program has given me the confidence I needed to make the right decisions in my professional journey and the knowledge I needed along the way. The experience was intellectually challenging, and emotinally inspiring... a priceless milestone in my career path. Thank you to hawkamah for organizing this course and my sincere gratitude to the management for all your efforts. You had accomodated to each members experience and situation and made each one of us feel special...

    Mireille Babti

  • Attending the Director Development Program was for me both thoroughly enjoyable and an invaluable learning experience. It gave the opportunity to broaden my perspectives on corporate governance and reflect on priorities which matters most to Directors – an integral lead to High Performing Boards. What I also liked about the course is that the facilitators did not focus on general aspects as they always showed examples of real life which successfully fosters a practical dialogue about what board members face.

    Hanan Ahmad

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the Director Development Programme (DDP), a programme which is considered a unique benchmark in the region. It allowed me to examine various aspects and see different perspectives of any given concept in the business world. It is an important tool that will support me in achieving what I aspire for in the future. The content of the programme is of high calibre and based on international standards.

    Omar Mohammed Al Hammadi

  • The Director Development Program is an excellent program which focuses on theory and practice. The program increased my knowledge as a director in implementing corporate governance. I strongly recommend it.  

    Khalid Al Zarouni

  • Taking the entire suite of the Director Development Program elevated my understanding of the role of Boards of Directors in steering a company. The facilitators infused structure and best practice thinking into the dialogue amongst the participants, business executives from a wide field of disciplines, industries and cultures. It was this combination that thrilled all of us and made the classroom sessions truly interactive. Online follow up on the content ensured a thorough internalization of the content.

    Marcus Huebel

  • “Overall, the Director Development Programme has been key in my professional development in becoming a more active and experienced board member and has reaffirmed the key Corporate Governance principles we apply here in Mubadala and our portfolio companies. The in-class engagement and the detailed material provided form a comprehensive set of guidelines and learnings that would truly assist aspiring Board members in fulfilling the roles and responsibilities expected of them in a practical and effective manner."

    Nabil El Jisr

  • The Director Development Program exceeded my expectations. Even though I have a background & experience in Corporate Governance, with many years dealing with Boards of Directors, & Board appointed Audit & Risk Committees, the DDP was incredibly useful. The toolkit provides a comprehensive set of materials & learning tools aimed at enhancing the role that directors play in their boards. I would fully recommend this DDP leading to the Professional Director Certification for all aspiring Board members, & especially for Independent Non-Executive Directors.

    Philip Weights